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Short Film

Release Date: March 19, 2023

Director and Writer: King Dawit

DOP: Gaurav Virkar

Producer: King Dawit and Joel Toscano

Starring Olha Stepanova

Filmed: February 4, 2022

Watch on YouTube

A model enters the information superhighway by running the Deluxe Lounge program. The computer shows her all the capabilities of the future. A vaporwave/nostalgic-inspired film, with inspiration from early 90s Miami and dreamlike versions of family computer rooms.

Loungey. Nostalgic. Vivid. 


I want to touch on the feel of a real-life version of 3D art from the 90s, mixed with cool colours. The name takes itself from a lot of those software programs (in this case Deluxe Paint VI), so this is sort of touching on that era when computers/the internet were beginning to be marketed for mass consumers, and the unknown of it was still prominent.


The shoot was an expansion of a traditional photo shoot into a cinematic experience.

Deluxe Lounge VI 031923.00_04_30_07.Still002.png
Deluxe Lounge VI 031923.00_00_17_17.Still003.png
Deluxe Lounge VI 031923.00_01_20_08.Still004.png
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