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Release Date: TBA

Director: King Dawit

DOP: Gaurav Virkar, Roy Zheng, Nikita Brusnitsyn, Ryan Ward

Producer: Nason Markwell and King Dawit

Filmed: September 13-14 2021, April 25, August 17, September 18 2022

Produced with Ambition Studios 

Grand Illusion is an upcoming documentary, following renowned Canadian artist Phil Richards' titular large-scale art installation, the recognizable kite fliers and onlookers. The documentary follows his long and storied career, and the friends, family and experiences that shaped it --culminated with the piece that once towered over the Eaton Centre Yonge-Dundas entrance, and is now in the collection of the MacLaren Art Centre and on permanent display at the Barrie Downtown Library. The large kites, faces, and onlookers took two years for Richards, assisted by his wife and sons, to produce. Compiled from new interviews with Richards, his family, and friends, all of whom feature in the artwork, as well as archival footage, Grand Illusion tells the story of an iconic, and vibrant, art piece.

Grand Illusion Eaton Centre kite art.jpeg

Photo by Albert Ng (

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