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Short Film

Release Date: February 28, 2023

Director and Writer: King Dawit

DOP: Nikita Brusnitsyn

Producer: King Dawit 

Starring Maia Della Penna and Nicolas Ballarini

Filmed: December 17, 2021

At a high school grad party, popular Maria and under-confident Carl end up in the closet together during a game of seven minutes in heaven, and open up to each other. A homage to the "awkward guy/popular girl open up about each other" cliche, the show Freaks and Geeks, and the Hans Christian Andersen story The Fir Tree.

SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN is an experiment by the director to work with actors in a cliche scenario, again, like Tapeboy, to work with archetypes and do a boy/girl story. It also tackles themes as regret, feeling like an outsider, obsession with social media in teens, and sexual harassment, while examining that every person, in their own way, is seeking validation.

The shoot, the second short produced by Nostalgice Film, was done virtually in one day, and was overall an exercise by its team to put together a small-scale production. It also involved setting up a pretend very big closet.

AltFF Alternative Film Festival

Best Drama Canada - Short Category

Golden State Film Festival

Official Selection

Silicon Beach Film Festival

Official Selection

Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival

Official Selection

Toronto Shorts International Film Festival

Official Selection

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