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Premiered: May 16, 2021

Director and Writer: King Dawit

DOP: Conor Forrest

Producer: King Dawit and Krishna Kolanupaka

Starring Jonathan Miller, Savannah Weeks, Tom Lute

Filmed: October 31, 2020 to November 2, 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, record store-employed recluse Tommy Doss is invited to lunch by the connection-starved Lucy, who is taken by his homemade tapes.

TAPEBOY is filmed, and takes place during the COVID-19 pandemic, in Toronto's iconic Kensington Market neighbourhood. It embarks as both a document of a historical moment in Canada, and a testament to psychedelic indie music, particularly Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys' Smile, various groups from the Elephant 6 Collective, including Tommy's namesake Bill Doss and Will Cullen Hart of The Olivia Tremor Control., and Daniel Johnston. Filmed at Kensington's Paradise Bound Records and Ozzy's Burgers, the film acts as a love letter to the area.

Featuring a mix of Super 8 film and digital, and an avant-garde approach to editing, TAPEBOY was written and directed by King Dawit, in co-production with Krishna Kolanupaka and Fine Cut Productions. Starring JONATHAN MILLER as Tommy, SAVANNAH WEEKS as Lucy, and TOM LUTE as Cardinal.

Golden Wheat Award

Best Director, King Dawit

Golden Wheat Award

Best Cinematography, Conor Forrest

Indie Eye Film Awards

Honorable Mention

Lonely Wolf Film Festival

Official Selection

Only The Best International Film Awards

Best Romance Short Film

Prague International Monthly Film Festival

Honorable Mention Director Short Film, King Dawit

Pure Magic International Film Festival 

Best Leading Actor in a Short Film, Jonathan Miller

Pure Magic International Film Festival

Best Cinematography, Conor Forrest

Pure Magic International Film Festival

Best Romantic Short Film

Robinson Film Awards

Best Sound, King Dawit and Evan Gareth Hoffman

Silicon Beach Film Festival

Official Selection

Toronto Short Film Festival

Official Selection

Vesuvius International Monthly Film Festival

Best Director COVID-19 Short, King Dawit

Yellowstone International Film Festival

Official Selection

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