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Short Film

Release Date: TBA

Director and Writer: King Dawit

DOP: Nikita Brusnitsyn

Producer: Daryl Ledwon, Jayda Woods and King Dawit

Starring Andrew Bee and Nate Colitto

Filmed: August 3-4 2022

Produced by Y'Good Productions 

Andrew Savoy is forced to confront his past as an unsuccessful singer-songwriter fifty years later, after a visitor arrives claiming to come from an alien planet where his songs have shaped their civilization.

THE INFINITE ANDY SAVOY is a science fiction drama film inspired by The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery, a story on the life not lived, and the idea that a creation or person can be admired after the fact, no matter how large or small it was on its commencement. Giving appreciation to a period of solo performers who wrote their own material, especially in the late 60s and early 70s, THE INFINITE ANDY SAVOY covers the idea of throwing away your passion, and the surrealness of encountering someone with abilities that surpass what humans can do.

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